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Furniture Diamond French polishers offer traditional "hand polishing" the old school way. Our fully strip/part strip color restoring is first class.


Through time furniture becomes "faded' the color on the wood becomes "chipped"and the finish becomes marred or dulled, ALL of this can be fixed.


Compare your old furniture to the price of a 'modern' piece that probably will only last a few years. Old can look very good


We are based on Cathcart Road, Glasgow.

French Polisher


What does the title French Polisher mean to you? Perhaps it makes you think of times past, an old workshop with maybe a kindly old craftsman looking over half glasses, nodding knowingly.


Well maybe he exists somewhere, but he is now more likely to be working in a modern place, aided by machinery and suffering noise from compressors supplying spray equipment with air extraction fans humming, with the hiss of spray guns applying modern finishing materials that bear little resemblance to French polish. At Furniture Diamond French Polishers the only way is the old way.


Rough Price Guide

• French polishing

• Re-gluing and structural repair

• Fire and water damage repair

• Antique restoration

• Pet damage restoration

• Precision repair of nicks, scratches

  and gouges

• Removal of heat and water marks

• Restoration refinishing

• Stripping and refinishing

Teak Dining Table


4ft Chest Plain


Mahogany Repro/dining


3ft Coffee Table      



 Polished over

£160 - £320


£150 - £240


£200 - £420


£110 - £230 


£120 - £240


£100 - £220


£120 - £260


£80 - £200



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By E-Mail: Robert the Polisher


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1121 Cathcart Rd Mount Florida G42 9BD (Down the lane)